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Vehicle For Hire Bylaw Enforcements To Begin

Post Date:05/01/2017

Whitehorse – New changes to the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw are now being enforced by Bylaw Services.

Starting May 1st, 2017 vehicle for hire companies are required to:

  • have a public safety camera installed in vehicles and ensure images of the passengers are being recorded;
  • have a minimum of one accessible vehicle available for hire during all hours that the company is in operation;
  • at all times be equipped with an electronic payment system that is maintained in working order;
  • upon request, accept payment from a valid credit or debit card;
  • never charge any additional fee for the use of a debit or credit card as payment for a fare;
  • ensure dispatch be equipped with a system capable of receiving requests from hearing impaired individuals, either through a web-based system, email, or via text messaging, or other similar format; and
  • have vehicles equipped with a fully operational security camera.

This bylaw was first adopted in July 2015 giving companies almost two years to comply. Bylaw Services will begin conducting general inspections of all vehicles for hire to ensure these new requirements are met.



“These new requirements will greatly improve community safety for both drivers and passengers. I would like to thank vehicle for hire companies and residents for their cooperation and support of these changes.”

Mayor Dan Curtis

“It is very important that persons with mobility issues that are confined to a wheelchair be able to call for transportation within the taxi industry. I am very happy that this is now a requirement for our vehicle for hire companies in Whitehorse.”

Councillor Jocelyn Curteanu, Chair of the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee



David Pruden
Manager Bylaw Services
City of Whitehorse 
(867) 668-8317