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The City of Whitehorse strives to provide information to members of the media in a timely fashion that respects the print, radio and television deadlines.

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Road Safety

Public Service Announcement

Post Date:05/10/2017

WHITEHORSE – With the onset of spring, drivers are reminded to be mindful of all users of our city streets and sidewalks. In particular, drivers should abide by the following:

  • Yield to pedestrians crossing at controlled intersections and crosswalks;
  • Be vigilant in school zones;
  • Do not accelerate on amber lights;
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 metre between vehicles and bicycles;
  • Do not use the cycling lane as a turning lane;
  • Shoulder check when merging into another lane, making right hand turns and when crossing the cycling lane; and
  • Yield to vehicles to the left when entering a roundabout.

In turn, pedestrians and cyclists should adhere to the following:


  • Do not ride on sidewalks/crosswalks unless safety concerns dictate otherwise, and never in the downtown core (Between Wood and Elliott Streets, and between Front St. and Fifth Ave);
  • Obey vehicle traffic control signals and devices;
  • Use hand signals (cyclists);
  • Use a bell or verbal signal when passing pedestrians on multi-use trails, and
  • Always ride single file.


  • Obey pedestrian traffic control signals and devices at all times;
  • Be predictable and visible when crossing roadways, and
  • Be aware of your surrounding and traffic.

For more information about road safety, consult the Yukon Motor Vehicles Act and the Whitehorse Bicycle Bylaw. Refer also to the City’s website on pedestrian and cycling safety.


Jessica Apolloni
Manager, Strategic Communications
City of Whitehorse 

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