Mayor Dan Curtis

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Mayor Dan Curtis

Dan was born and raised in Whitehorse and currently resides in the Whitehorse neighborhood of Riverdale, where he and his wife have lived with their two sons for many years. Dan’s parents first came to the territory in the 1950s to work in the mining industry. 

Dan has travelled extensively throughout the Yukon over the past 20 years through his work as the Executive Director of Skills Canada-Yukon, and prior to that, as a realtor and service and supply representative for what is now Northern Industrial Sales.

Dan has also travelled and worked around the country, and all over the world, in his role with Skills Canada-Yukon, a non-profit organization which promotes the rewards that a career in skilled trades and technologies can provide to our youth.

Dan was elected to his first term as Whitehorse Mayor on October 2012, becoming the 16th elected Mayor of Whitehorse. He immediately became involved with the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, recognizing the strong partnerships that are needed for the Business community to succeed and flourish, in an ever-changing and very competitive climate.


City Hall: (867) 668-8626