New! Email Receipts  

We can now email receipts to customers for purchases with Recreation. What does this mean? 

  • Receipts will be automatically emailed to customers from CGC Reception.
  • Please check that the email address on your account is correct.
  • If you do not yet have an email address on your account, you can provide your email to CGC Reception.
  • Printed receipts can still be provided on request. 

Official Tax Receipts  

Some 2016 Child Fitness and Child Care Tax receipts were emailed and mailed out with the wrong year. We will be resending those receipts shortly with the correct year. Contact for any inquries, or to reprint/reissue official tax receipts. Thanks for your patience! 

Take our Ducklings Survey

During the fall season we have implemented some changes in the Ducklings Program (formerly Little People). Your feedback is important and we look forward to your responses. Take the survey! 

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