Residential Curbside Collection

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Residential Curbside Collection

Curbside collection is a fee for service that is provided to all eligible premises (urban single family residences, and single family and multi-family buildings with 4 or fewer units). Collection alternates weekly between waste (black cart) and organics (green cart).


Look up your home address to get a black and green cart collection schedule. Hundreds of Whitehorse residents have already signed up for the free City of Whitehorse Waste App, your one-stop resource for collection schedules, reminders and the What Goes Where search app.

Waste Sorting App

Sorting your waste is easy with our new What Goes Where app. Type the name of an item into the search bar and we will give you recycling, composting, or disposal options.

Black Cart

Your black cart collects non-recyclable packaging, hygiene products, bagged pet waste (feces, litter and bedding), bagged cold wood ashes, incandescent & halogen light bulbs, used vacuum cleaner bags, and soiled aluminum foil.

Your black cart does not collect cardboard, recyclables, hazardous waste (HHW) or e-waste. 

Green Cart

Your green cart collects only compostable waste: food including meat, fish and dairy products raw or cooked, garden & yard waste and food soiled paper (pizza box). Other items include human & pet hair, sawdust & wood shavings, coffee grounds & filters, loose tea & fiber tea bags, eggshells, shellfish including the shells, and more. 

Your green cart does not collect plastic, foil, metal, or other non-compostable items. 

Extra yard waste? On your organics collection week you can place additional approved compostable bags out at the curb with your green cart. Bag must weigh 25 kg or less each and be placed 1 meter from your full green cart in a single pile. Look for this symbol:

Compostable Logo


The City strongly encourages residents to recycle their refundable and non-refundable recyclable materials. Residents can drop-off their recyclables to P&M Recycling or Raven Recycling or sign up for a fee-for-service collection with Whitehorse Blue Bins. Click here for more information:recycling page.



To help increase public awareness about what goes in green and black carts, the City is reminding residents with “Oops!” stickers. City staff will be out on collection days, tagging green carts containing any non-compostable item(s) and black carts containing cardboard, e-waste, hazardous waste and metals. When it comes to waste management in Whitehorse, we all have a role to play. Have a question about what goes where? Consult our app!

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OOPS! Given Items Found in Black Carts That Don't Belong Items Found in Green Carts That Don't Belong
 Arkell 20  E-waste, household hazardous waste, cardboard  
 Copper Ridge 95    
37  overfilled carts, compostable items, beverage containers, cardboard, large metal *Very low participation rate. Garbage, plastics and styrofoam observed in compost carts. 
 Downtown 47    
 Granger 18    
 Hillcrest 14

E-waste, cardboard, compost.

Overfilled carts attracting wildlife.

Cardboard, plastics, newspaper and boxboard. Low rate of contamination and high participation, good job Hillcrest.
 Ingram 8  Metal, Household hazardous waste, cardboard  
 Logan 40    Plastic bags/non-compostable bags, cardboard, plastic food containers
 Porter Creek 135    Plastic grocery bags/non-compostable bags, cardboard, box board (cereal, cracker boxes)
 Riverdale 123   E-waste, household hazardous waste, cardboard,  compost, and metals Plastic grocery bags, cardboard, paper and boxboard. Please recycle these materials
 Takhini 61  metal, organics, cardboard, overfilled carts (lids must be closed)  Grocery bags, tin cans, plastic food containers, saran wrap, box board
 Valleyview 2  Metal, laptop (e-waste)  
 Whistlebend 25   Milk jugs, glossy magazines, black garbage bags, plastic food containers

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