Social Equity

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Affordable Housing and Poverty Reduction


The Goal

Programs and initiatives to equitably provide for basic needs of the entire community. 
Reduce percentage of households spending more than 30% of total before tax income on shelter costs 
5% reduction by 2020 21% of households
Reduce income disparity between the top and bottom 20% income earners 
Achieve 30% Top 20% of households earn over $125,000 annually before taxes
Increase number of City-led and City-supported projects, programs, services that directly address the needs of low income citizens 20% increase by 2020  forthcoming



Safe, secure, decent housing is a basic need. Along with meeting that need, poverty reduction helps individuals and families reduce the potential for repeated crises, enabling them to resume their accustomed roles as workers, business people, and family members in the community.


Medium. The City can influence housing through development regulations and advocacy, and has a voice with organizations and governments. It can improve access to its programs and services including transportation and recreation, but has limited ability to directly affect equity.


Moderate: There is a strong focus on livability, community, and health in planning and development, and an emphasis on recreation services and wilderness access. Zoning changes and incentives intend to encourage more housing options.