Main Street Land Disposition

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Mixed Use Development Lot on Main Street

704 Main Street Lot Sale

The Site:
The City is selling Lot 2, Block 339, as shown on the linked Registered Subdivision Plan of Survey 2016-0007 comprising approximately 1570m2 in area, located in Downtown Whitehorse at 704 Main Street.

Please refer to the Lot Profile for more details on this lot being offered.

Site Plan: (click image to enlarge)

Prelim Plan

Lot for Sale:

The following mixed-use commercial lot is available over the counter at the price quoted below:

Lot Block Plan 
(m² ±)
(square feet ±)


Land Disposition Policy:

This over the counter sale process is being conducted pursuant to the City’s Land Disposition Policy that was adopted by Council in 2010. The policy provides that unsold lots from a bid process may be sold over the counter after 2 weeks notification.

Land Disposition Policy

One Mixed-Use Commercial lot is being sold over the counter. The price of $834,000 does not include Goods and Services Tax (GST) which will also be required to be paid on closing of a purchase transaction.

The lot will be available for purchase over the Planning and Building Services counter on a first come basis until it is sold or withdrawn from sale by the City of Whitehorse.

In order to be eligible to obtain the lot, the interested purchasers must provide a bank draft, certified cheque or money order payable to “The City of Whitehorse” representing 10% of the advertised lot sale price ($83,400.00)  to secure the lot.

Mixed Use Commercial 2 Zoning (CM2):
Lot 2, Block 339 is zoned “CM2 - Mixed Use Commercial 2” pursuant to the City’s Zoning Bylaw 2012-20.  In this zone, all uses require a Development Permit from the City to ensure the proposed development will comply with the zoning regulations. 

Complete Zoning Bylaw 2012-20

Building Standards:

Applicants should consult the complete Building and Plumbing Bylaw 99-50 to review all building regulations and standards to ensure the compatibility of their design.  The bylaw may be obtained on the City’s website at or by contacting Building Inspections at (867) 668-8340.

Further information with respect to site servicing and drainage requirements may also be obtained by contacting Engineering Services at (867) 668-8305.

Terrain Stability Hazard Assessment Report:
A Terrain Stability Hazard Assessment was completed in 2013, to evaluate the potential hazard associated with the escarpment and to provide recommendations to reduce any risk. The report concluded that the majority of Lot 2 is located within the Low Hazard Zone, and based on the detailed assessment completed, presents a low probability toppling impact from the escarpment.
Drainage Standards:
All new buildings with subsurface foundations constructed in the City of Whitehorse must adhere to the Drainage Standards for Building Foundations as detailed in the Building Advisory issued on October 25, 2010.
Please contact Planning & Building Services at (867) 668-8346 or email for further information.