Local Food & Urban Agriculture Strategy


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Announcements: Public Survey - 'What We Heard' Document

The City extends a big thank you to everyone who participated in the public survey that occurred in August and September 2016. A total of 159 people completed the survey, which asked residents about how they participate in the local food system, challenges they've encountered, and interests in future pursuits. Read what people had to say in the document below. Stay tuned for more engagement activities coming this spring! 

Strategy Overview

With financial support from the Canada-Yukon Growing Forward 2 Fund, the City is moving forward with developing a Local Food & Urban Agriculture StrategyThe strategy will provide recommendations that support greater self-sufficiency for a stronger local food economy. Having a more accessible local food system will help to increase food security for residents, promote local capacity, and generate economic benefits that stay within our community.  

How is the City Involved in Local Food? 

The City has a number of plans, bylaws, grants, and services that support and regulate different aspects of the food system:

  • Community Economic Development Strategy 
    (pg. 11) Goal 1, Activity F: Facilitate the development of an agriculture and food production strategy
  • Sustainability Plan
    (pg. 37-38) Goal: Resilient, Accessible, Food System (view
  • Official Community Plan
    (pg. 71) Objective 17: Support local food production
  • Zoning Bylaw
    Regulates land uses, including soil and non-soil based agriculture, and specifies development requirements and restrictions. 
  • Animal Control Bylaw
    Regulates animal keeping and includes development regulations for hen coops.
  • Environment Grant 
    Provides financial support for initiatives that achieve sustainability goals, including food related projects.
  • Land Leases
    Land is accessible to community and gardening associations through low-cost lease agreements.
  • Compost
    Agriculture-grade compost is produced from organic waste and is available for sale at the Waste Management Facility. 


Erica Beasley, Planner, erica.beasley@whitehorse.ca, (867) 668-8600