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The City's Heritage Program was established to encourage the protection and preservation of heritage resources in Whitehorse and support heritage related activities. The Program includes a process for Municipal Historic Site designation and provides funding for site restoration, events, and other heritage projects. 


Municipal Historic Sites in Whitehorse

There are 17 designated Municipal Historic Sites in Whitehorse: 

1. Smith House  3128 Third Avenue 
2. Donnenworth House 3126 Third Avenue
3. Captain Martin House 305 Wood Street
4. Pioneer Hotel #2 (Hatch House) Shipyards
5. Log Skyscraper #1 208 Lambert Street
6. Log Skyscraper #2 208 Lambert Street
7. White Pass and Yukon Route Depot Waterfront
8. Old Fire Hall 1105 First Avenue
9. Train Crew's House #1 1091 First Avenue
10. Train Crew's House #2 1093 First Avenue
11. T.C. Richards Building 302 Steele Street
12. Taylor House 412 Main Street
13. Casey Car House Waterfront
14. Hulland House 704 Wood Street
15. Telegraph Office 1124 First Avenue
16. Old Log Church 303 Elliott Street

17. Old Log Rectory 303 Elliott Street

View the Map of Municipal Historic Sites.

Designation of Municipal Historic Sites

City Council adopted the Heritage Bylaw to encourage the protection and preservation of heritage resources within the municipal boundary of Whitehorse. The Bylaw outlines evaluation criteria for heritage resources to receive designation as Municipal Historic Sites. Consideration is based on architectural history, cultural history, context, integrity, and age.

Municipal Historic Sites are listed on the City's Heritage Registry. The registry also identifies buildings and resources of significant historic value that have not received official designation.

If you are interested in having a building or property listed on the Heritage Registry, or designated as a Municipal Historic Site, contact Planning & Building Services

The Yukon Government (YG) Department of Tourism and Culture has a designation process for sites of Territorial historic significance, some of which are located within Whitehorse. For information, visit the YG Historic Sites Unit webpage.

Heritage Funding

The Heritage Bylaw provides direction for a Heritage Fund to be established. The fund is administered through the Heritage Fund Bylaw and is maintained through annual transfers budgeted by City Council. Donations to the fund are accepted from individuals, corporations, and other governments.

Heritage projects eligible for funding include:

  • Restoration of heritage properties
  • Enhancement of heritage properties
  • Renovation of heritage properties to meet code requirements
  • Increasing public awareness of heritage issues
  • Other purposes as specified by Council

Funding for projects that involve physical restoration of heritage properties is administered through the City's Heritage Restoration Incentive Policy. Incentives can be awarded in the amount of up to $20,000 to cover up to 50% of project costs. Applications are considered for properties and buildings that have received Municipal Historic Site designation, and those in the process of receiving designation. To be eligible, properties must be listed on the Heritage Registry and must be owned by individuals, groups, or organizations (properties owned by governments will not be considered). Eligibility is renewed every 10 years.

(Note: there is no application form to apply for heritage events and activities - contact Planning & Building Services to discuss a potential project)


For more information contact Erica Beasley, Planner, at 668-8600, or email erica.beasley@whitehorse.ca.