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All development within Whitehorse must be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of a Development Permit issued pursuant to the Zoning Bylaw.

What is a Subdivision?

The Municipal Act states that a subdivision "includes the adjusting or realigning of an existing property line, a division of a parcel by a plan of subdivision, a plan of survey, a plan made pursuant to section 6 of the Condominium Act, an agreement or any instrument, including a caveat, transferring or creating an estate or interest in part of the parcel, or the creation of a new parcel from existing parcels of land."

Subdivision Approval Process

The City of Whitehorse approves the subdivision and consolidation of land, and the creation of condominiums, on all land within the City’s municipal boundary.

A subdivision is required when a piece of land is divided into two or more real-estate entities able to obtain separate Land Title. Examples of this might include instances where a commercial land owner wishes to split their lot in half to develop another business or when a developer wishes to create a multi-lot subdivision for the construction of several homes.

Before starting the subdivision process please discus your project with City’s Subdivision & Lands Coordinator (SLC). 

Subdivision Process


Types of Sudivision 

By Plan of Subdivision:
Creating two or more lots from one existing property

By Plan of Consolidation:
Consolidating two or more properties into one lot

By Plan of Boundary Realignment: 
Adjusting or realigning an existing property line where you end up with the same number of lots that you started with.

By Plan of Condominium:

Bare Land Condominium:
Involves dividing a parcel of land into individually owned ‘bare land units and common elements. Four posts in the ground and everything in-between constitutes a Unit. 

 Bare Land Condo Sketch

Conventional Condominium:
Is a building(s) divided into individually owned units. Each unit is identified in the condominium plan. The land, the outside walls, service areas, and joint use areas of the building are considered common elements.

 Conventional Condo Sketch

NOTE: Existing buildings being converted into a condominium (not under permit) may require a critical life safety report as outlined in Sections 19 & 20 of the Subdivision Control Bylaw (2012-16).

Subdivision Application Fee 

Application fees vary and are non-refundable.

Boundary Alignment:

$50.00 per boundary being adjusted


Minimum: $250.00 Maximum: $1,000.00
Between the minimum and maximum, $100.00 per lot created (e.g., 3 lots proposed, $300.00)

Subdivision by way of Consolidation:


Subdivision by way of Condominium:
$50.00 per unit being created to a maximum of $500.00

Development Agreement:
Some subdivisions may require a Development Agreement registers at the Land Titles Office as a condition of Subdivision approval for such things as (but not limited to) access easements, utility easements, servicing design etc. 

Subdivision Application Forms

Form Subdivision Application for Subdivision & Checklist

Subdivision Handouts

Guide to the Subdivision Approval Process


Subdivision Control Bylaw 

Development Cost Charges Bylaw

Development Agreement Regulations Bylaw

The bylaws listed above are those most relevant to Subdivision Applications. For a comprehensive list of bylaws you may wish to consult Bylaw Services' Bylaws

Current Subdivision Applications


APP# Address/Legal Area Description (Applicant) Lots
  S-01-2015 1301 Fir Street  PC Boundary Realignment 3 Lots Application
  Lot 1723-1725, 2014-0098   Calvary Baptist Church    Not complete
 S-17-2016 17 - 11th Ave East 
 PC Duplex  2 Lots Approved
  Lot 1710, Plan 2011-0200     AJ Beacon    
 S-16-2016 19 Cousins Airstrip Road  F Country Residential  2 Lots Approved
  Lot 1445, Quad 105 D/14, Plan 2005-0087     Starr MacDonald    
 S-15-2016 128 Hillcrest Drive  H 3 lot Townhome   3 Lots Conditional 
  Lot 31, Plan 71238, Block 9   Dhillon   Approval
 S-14-2016 Nijmegan Road Park Lot  TN Buffer lots and Park  5 Lots Approved
  Lot 339, Plan 2009-0135   City of Whitehorse    
 S-13-2016  14 11th Avenue East  PC 3 lot subdivision RS  3 Lots Conditional 
   Lot 218, Plan 24796 LTO   Patrick McLarnon   Approval
 S-12-2016  9 Burns Road  HI CIMx(b)  2 Lots Approved
       Quadra Industrial Ltd    
 S-11-2016  Whistle Bend (Phase 4)  WB Mixed Zoning  210 Under Review
  Lot 439, and 1153 (YG)   Yukon Government    
S-10-2016 38 14th Avenue   PC Panhandle  2 Lot Under Review
   Lot 340 Porter Creek   Scramstad    
S-09-2016 Eagle Bay Lookout   WB Parking and park  1 Lot Approved
  Vacant Commissioner's Land   Yukon Government    
S-08-2016  Airport & Operations Site  AP  Airport Survey  3 Lots Approved
  Lot 654, Plan 45107 LTO    Yukon Government    
S-07-2016 1604 Centennial Street  PC  Centennial Motors  


  Lot 53, Plan 1604 LTO   Macdonald    
S-06-2016 335 Klukshu Avenue   CR  2 Lot Subdivision  2 Lot Approved 
  Lot 30, Plan 88-19    Thorseth    
S-05-2016 Whistle Bend (Phase 3)  WB  Mixed Zoning  130 Lot Approved 
  Lot 414 & 416, 2016-0047     Yukon Government    
S-04-2016  2193 & 2195 2nd Avenue  DTW  2 Lot Subdivision  2 Lot Withdrawn 
   Lt 46, Blk 316, Pl 2014-0087    NVD    
S-03-2016  #30 & 30B Wann Road  PC Boundary Realignment  2 Lot Approved 
  Lt 1507-1 & 1507-2, 2012-0080   Duncan    
S-02-2016 130/131 Hillcrest Drive  HC  3 lot subdivision  3 Lots Approved  
  Lot 114, Plan 54580 LTO    Dhillon    
S-01-2016 162-163 Dalton Trail  HC  2 Lot Subdivision  2 Lot Receiving
   Lot 124, Plan 30131 LTO    Stewart-Boyle   Information 
S-17-2015 22 Wann Road  PC 2 Lot RC2 Subdivision 2 Conditionally
Approved (ext)
  Lot 1505, Plan 76967   Goodman (plan)  
S-14-2015  608 Main Street  DTW  3 lot consolidation/

Boundary Realignment

 1  Approved
   Lot 4-6, Block 56, Plan 25864    34127 Yukon Inc (UGL)    
S-14-2015 17 – 11th Avenue East  PC 2 Lot  Subdivision  2 Approved
  Lot 1710, Plan 2011-0200   (AJBeacon) (plan)
S-13-2015 2 Collins Lane  MSI 2 Lot  Subdivision  2 Approved
  Lot 66, Plan 2014-0033   38846 YUKON INC (plan)
   Lot 192 & 193, Pl 2013-0068   (DOKIC) (plan)  
S-03-2015 13 Strawberry Lane (Couch Road) HV 4 lot, Buffer, PUL and CC   4+2 Approved
  Lot B-7, Group 804, Plan 28632
  (Estate of Helen Couch)  (plan)
S-02-2015 Upper Tank Farm CV  2 lot subdivision (FD)  2  Approved
  Lot 430, Gp 804, Plan 25107   (46447 Yukon Inc.)  (plan)  



  APP#   Address/Legal  Area   Description (Applicant)  Lots
 C-04-2016 43 Chilkoot Way  D  Save on Foods    Conditional
  Lots 2-2, and 2-3, Block 323, Plan 2000-0209   Jim Pattison Developments Ltd.  1  Approval
C-03-2016 100 Platinum & 105 Gold Road    2 Lot Consolidation  1  Approved
  Lt 125-2, Pl 93441 & Lt 126, Pl 92079    39484 Yukon Inc    
C-02-2016  303 Alexander Street DTW  4 Lots into 2  2 Lots  Approved
  Lots 10-13, Block 30, Plan 18415    535756 Yukon Inc.    
C-01-2016 191 Range Road (Driving Force)  AH  2 lot consolidation  1 Approved
  1181-1 & 1181-2, 105 D/11, 2004-0173    Driving Force Investments Inc    
C-8-2015 609 Steele Street DTW 6 lot consolidation 1 Approved
  Lot 7-12, Blk 56, Plan 25864   Yukon Government-CS (plan)  
C-7-2015 227 Range Road  RR 1 lot with part of ROW 1 Under Review
Lot 262 (Parcel A) & Lot AH7 (Inland Kenworth) (plan)
C-6-2015 4158 4th Avenue HC-I 3 lot consolidation (SA) 1 Approved
Lot 10-12, Block 40, 18415 (Yukon Government) EMR (plan)
C-5-2015 102 Lambert Street DTW Lot Enlargement 1 1 Approved
Lot 6 & 7, Blk 4, Plan 3807 City of Whitehorse (plan)  
C-4-2015 23 Boulder Road McR 2 lot consolidation  1 Approved
  Lots 1&2 Blk 12, Plan 43397   (Yukon Government)  (plan)  
C-3-2015 2281 Second Avenue  DTW 2 lot consolidation  1 Approved
  Lot 1, Blk 323, Plan 98-137 &
Lots 5, Blk 304, Plan 91-115
  (Home Hardware)  (plan)  
C-2-2015 Tlingit Street MRW 5 lot consolidation  1 Approved
  Lot 54-58, Plan 51400   Yukon Government-CS  (plan)  
C-1-2015 30 Denver Road McR 4 lot consolidation  1 Approved
  34, 32, 30, 28 Denver Rd   (Kilrich Industries Ltd.)  (plan)  


APP# Address/Legal Area Description (Applicant) Units
CON-05-2016  22 Caprice Court  WB  9 Unit Bare Land 9 Unit Approved
   Lot 270, 2013-0068    Empress Homes    
CON-04-2016  21 Chakawana Lane  WB 8 Unit Bare Land 8 Unit Application
  Lot 205, Plan 2013-0068    Paukner-Keenan   not complete
CON-03-2016 18 Azure CC194 (Brookside)  C  Phase 2 Brookside Townome 35 Unit Application
   CC194, BLU A    651680 N B LTD   not complete
CON-02-2016 303 Alexander Street DTW  7 Unit Condominium  7  Approved
  Lot 17, Block 30, Plan 2016-0061   TSL- 535756 Yukon Inc    
CON-01-2016 60 North Star Drive CR  2 Unit Bare Land Condo  2  Approved
  Lot 767, 2004-0087 LTO    O’Connor    
 CON-3-2015  23 Bellingham Court WB  10 Unit BL Condominium  10  Approved
   Lot 224, Plan 2013-0068   Evergreen Homes    
4 Tabor Crescent   2 Unit Condominium 2 Approved
  Lot 911, Plan 58904 GR  McClelland (UGL)    
CON-1-2015 34 Iron Horse Drive CR 2 Bare Land Units (Duplex) 2 Approved
Lot 628, Plan 2003-0187 Donna Styba (CGL)  

Last Updated January 17, 2017