Plans and Implementation

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Planning & Building Services conducts planning work in order to ensure long-term orderly development in Whitehorse, and to balance development with the conservation of wilderness and natural spaces.

Plans in Process: 

DSCN3455_editsmall Local Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy
The City is embarking on developing a strategy to enhance the local food system. Policy tools include land use designations, zoning, development guidelines, and funding.  
chadburn lake square

Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan
The City is developing a management plan for Chadburn Lake Regional Park.

Adopted Plans:

Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan
2010 OCP Title Page Square Crop
Official Community Plan
The 2010 Official Community Plan (OCP) is the overarching policy document that provides a vision for the physical layout of Whitehorse.
Regional Parks Plan Map Square Crop Regional Parks Plan

The 2014 Regional Parks Plan provides a guiding framework for the five regional parks identified in the OCP. A public process to develop the Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan began in Fall 2015.

Welcome to Range Point Range Point Neighbourhood Plan
A comprehensive plan for area along Range Road, east of Mountainview Drive, was adopted by City Council in July 2014. The neighbourhood was officially named "Range Point" in November 2014.
Schwatka Lake Dock
Schwatka Lake Area Plan
A plan focussed on land uses and activities on the western shore of Schwatka Lake was adopted by City Council in March 2015. Visit the project page for updates on implementation and dock permit information. 
Whistle Bend - Sustainable Community
Whistle Bend Master Plan
Whistle Bend is envisioned as a neighbourhood for 8,000 residents, complete with transit service, a town square, retail shops, schools, parks, greenspace, and trails.
Hillcrest aerial photo square
Hillcrest Neighbourhood Plan
A plan intended to serve as a roadmap guiding change and renewal in Hillcrest over the next two decades. Adopted by City Council, January 2014.
Downtown south plan cover page square crop Downtown South Master Plan
A plan for downtown revitalization supported by the City's sustainability directives. Adopted by City Council, July 2011.


Older projects are listed on the Past Projects and Planning Resources page.


Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan