Official Community Plan (OCP)

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The City of Whitehorse Official Community Plan (OCP) is a land use document that is periodically reviewed and provides a vision for the physical layout of Whitehorse. The OCP is developed in consultation with residents to help ensure that Whitehorse grows in a responsible and sustainable manner. The plan was adopted by City Council on 12, 2010.

Review Process Wins Award! 

The Association of Yukon Communities awarded the 2010 Yukon Sustainable Community Award to the City of Whitehorse in recognition of its 2010 OCP Review Process. The award is given annually to recognize leadership in sustainable community development.

The 2010 OCP Vision 

Whitehorse will be a well planned self-sustaining community that is a leader in energy conservation and innovation that maintains and conserves wilderness spaces for future generations. Whitehorse will continue to strive for a better quality of life that is reflected in its vibrant economy and social life.”

This vision statement has been adopted from the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan and reflects the City's growing commitment to sustainable development.

OCP Review History

The OCP Review was divided into three phases:

Meetings included open houses, community cafes, workshops, and neighbourhood mapping events. We wish to thank all those who could attend our events and help us plan for the future of Whitehorse! The OCP was adopted by City Council in October 2010.