Range Point Neighbourhood Plan

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Linear Park

Welcome to Range Point!

The City has officially adopted "Range Point" as the name of the neighbourhood located next to Range Road, east of Mountain View Drive. The name is a combination of Range Road and “The Point”, which was identified as an important landmark during consultation for the Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan. "The Point" refers to the former landfill site at the north end of Range Road, prominent for its beautiful views and recreation potential. Following public events, the City has installed a new Range Point neighbourhood sign and gateway node near the Range Road and Mountain View Drive intersection.

The Point Park Feasibility Study

As one of the implementation items from the Range Point Neighbourhood Plan, the City is currently working on a feasibility study for The Point Park. The Point Park is a highly valued and significant local and city-wide asset, notable for its views of the Yukon River and McIntyre Creek confluence, bird and wildlife viewing, and nearby heritage features. The City has hired a consultant to complete the study, which is the first step in potential park development. The process included a public meeting on November 23, 2016 to discuss the feasibility of a park at this location. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Click here for a location map of The Point Park.

Neighbourhood Plan

City Council adopted the Range Road North Neighbourhood Plan in July 2014. Beginning in September 2013, the planning process involved public and stakeholder interviews, a neighbourhood walk, a multi-day design workshop, and an open house to present a draft of the Plan. The City extends a big thank you! to everyone who was involved in this process. The contributions of residents, design teams, stakeholders, and other levels of government were instrumental in developing the Plan.

Plan Implementation

Since the Plan was adopted in 2014, the City has been working on many of its recommendations. This has included:

  • Officially renaming the neighbourhood as "Range Point";
  • Constructing a new neighbourhood sign and landscaping node;
  • Undertaking a Trail Plan for the area as part of the Porter Creek/Whistle Bend/Range Point/Takhini trail planning process (currently underway);
  • Constructing new artistic themed bus shelters including at Crow Street and the intersection of Range Road and Mountain View Drive; and
  • Undergoing a feasibility and safety assessment for The Point Park at the north end of the neighbourhood. This will help determine whether the site is suitable as a park (currently underway).

The City continues to work on implementation of the neighbourhood plan. Stay tuned for further updates!



For more information contact Ben Campbell, Planner, 668-8338.