Robert Service Way Area Plan

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The City has hired a consultant (Jane of All Trades Consulting) to undertake a planning study for the Robert Service Way area of Whitehorse. The subject area for this project generally stretches from Ear and Hobo Lakes to the Whitehorse International Airport and from the Alaska Highway to the Yukon River.

The objectives of the Robert Service Way Area Planning Study are to:

  • Gather background information on ecology, geotechnical conditions, archeological resources, wildlife, and potential site contamination;
  • Develop a vision for the future remediation and recreational use of the Ear and Hobo Lakes area;
  • Explore development and servicing potential along the Alaska Highway and at the City snow dump; and
  • Review the existing function and future of the ball diamond and campground area.

Public Engagement

There will be a significant public engagement aspect to this project. Following background research and stakeholder consultation in the late winter and spring, public engagement is expected to commence in June/July. A number of different engagement activities are planned, including a public survey and various pop-up events around the city. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved in this planning process.


It is expected that a draft plan will be completed in the fall, at which time it will be available for public comment. The City is hoping to have the final report completed for Council adoption in October. The final reports prepared by Jane of All Trades Consulting will help inform the next OCP review, expected to begin in late 2017/early 2018.

Background Documents

Reports (by order of year completed):

  1. Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan (proposed final version, 2016)
  2. Whitehorse Sustainability Plan (2015)
  3. Schwatka Lake Area Plan (2015)
  4. Regional Parks Plan (2014)
  5. “Above the Airport” Trail Network Plan (2014)
  6. Zoning Bylaw (2012)
  7. Official Community Plan (2010)
  8. Trail Plan (2007)
  9. Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2007)
  10. Detailed Salmon Habitat Management Plan (2004)
  11. Water and Sewer Study (2003)
  12. Significant Wildlife Area Report (2000)
  13. Yukon River Corridor Plan (1999)
  14. Soil, Terrain, and Wetland Study (1997)
  15. South Access Area Development Scheme (1997) - only available in hardcopy
  16. South Access Development Plan (1991) - only available in hardcopy


Kinden Kosick, Planner,, (867) 668-8348