Local Improvement Policy Update

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The City is proposing a new Infrastructure Reconstruction and Local Improvement Policy that is consistent with the framework of the Yukon's Municipal Act and reflects a more commonly used approach across Canada.

The new policy is based on the fundamental principle that public funds (City or external funding sources) are used for public improvements, and initiatives with improvements on private property the responsibility of the property owner. The new policy also proposes to retain the local improvement charge objection process set out in the Municipal Act only for non-essential improvements on public land.

There are two new categories proposed in the new policy:

  1. Infrastructure Reconstruction Projects
  2. Discretionary Local Improvement Charges


Public Webinar

A public webinar was held on Tuesday, June 1 to explain the new policy and to hear your input. If you didn't get to participate in the webinar, watch the webinar below or view our webinar presentation here.

Key Dates

  • June 1 - Public webinar
  • June 14 - Deadline for public input on the proposed policy
  • July 12 - Council votes on the proposed policy


Taylor Eshpeter
Manager, Engineering Services
(867) 689 2143

Mike Gau
Director, Development Services
(867) 335-4455


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are the new cost estimates for sewer service close to 2017 estimate? ($100/metre)

  • Can you break down the private costs for Hillcrest in more detail? (What about Steelox houses that can't connect well?)

  • For Hillcrest, what would be the estimated 2021 (rather than 2017) LIC costs (average, low and high) given the existing LIC policy?

  • How and when might reconstruction of the Hillcrest neighbourhood happen?

  • How do I formally express my support, concerns, or objections to a reconstruction project under the new Local Improvement Policy?

  • I like the “opt in/opt out” option for the private portion. It makes sense to get things done by the City’s contractors while they are there. However, as retired seniors on fixed incomes, our decision will be based on the costs. We may look after our own landscaping in a phased in process.

  • If I "Opt In" to get my water and sewer services replaced on my property and into my house, how does the LIC program work?

  • Is it better for me to "Opt In" to the program to install services to my property now? What if I "Opt Out" and choose to postpone replacing my water and sewer lines until I'm ready to do it?

  • Is there information available on the voluntary loan program? (e.g., years, interest rate, payment schedule)

  • So much effort and consultation went into the 2017 Hillcrest Reconstruction Design. Does this mean the City will be starting over from scratch?

  • Why propose a discretionary LIC option in the new policy if people already look after the public land (like boulevards and greenbelts) around their properties?

  • Will accurate cost estimates for the private portion, if done by the City, be flushed out in the detailed portion of the design? When can homeowners indicate their “opt in/opt out” choice? How would that be done? Would these details be worked out once the policy is passed and put into place?

  • Will recirculating pumps be installed in my property, instead of a bleeder?

  • Will the City install my water services free of charge?