Environmental Grant

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Each year, we support your projects that help achieve our Sustainability Plan goals for Whitehorse.

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More detail: Environmental Grant Policy.

Who can apply

  • Any Yukon-based registered society, school, or business is eligible to submit an application. 


  • Up to $25,000 will be awarded to eligible applicants.
  • Applications can be submitted for minor grants under $1,000 or major grants of $1,000 or more.


  • Submissions close 4:30 YST on October 15 for Major Grants. Applications for Minor Grants may be submitted throughout the year.


  • Application: Download the application form from the right side of this page and complete it on a computer using Microsoft Word. Submit completed application(s) by email to sustainability@whitehorse.ca.
  • Review Criteria: For full information about review criteria, read the Environmental Grant Policy.
  • Selection: Applications will be reviewed by a panel of interdepartmental judges. Decisions are made within 6 weeks of the application deadline. The recipients will be contacted individually and the grants will be announced publicly.

Eligible Projects

  • The project contributes to the goals of the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan
  • The majority of project beneficiaries or participants reside in the City of Whitehorse
  • The project will take place within the City of Whitehorse accessible the public; and
  • The project does not duplicate programs in the public or private sector.

Before you Start Your Application

  1. Read the Environmental Grant Policy. It contains important information about eligibility and procedures. 
  2. Read the Whitehorse Sustainability Plan. Your application should demonstrate how your project will contribute to meeting the objectives and goals of this plan.
  3. Review the Terms and Conditions to see eligible expenses.
  4. Contact us to discuss your application and ideas.

Complete the Application Form

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Paper copies will not be accepted.
  1. Download and save a copy of the Environmental Grant Application (rtf or Word)
  2. Complete the application and save it with your project title as the file name.
  3. Email the completed application to  sustainability@whitehorse.ca
  4. Supporting documentation (letters of support, confirmation of partner funding, quotations for capital expenses exceeding $500.00, regulation permits and permissions) can be scanned and submitted with the emailed application.


Reach us at sustainability@whitehorse.ca

Other Funding Options

For other funding, you can also consider the Government of Yukon Environmental Awareness Fund or the Yukon Environmental Training Fund.