Cycling and the Law

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Cyclists are treated the same as vehicles under the Yukon Motor Vehicles Act. This means that when riding on Yukon roadways, cyclists have the same rights, duties, and obligations as motorists. The City of Whitehorse also has a Bicycle Bylaw. Cyclists committing an infraction can be charged, fined, and have their bicycle seized.

Bike lanes are a portion of the road reserved for one-way travel by bicycle. Vehicles are not permitted to drive, park or block the lane, including at intersections.  Whitehorse is in the process of re-signing 4th Avenue to improve the visibility of bike lanes, especially in the spring when the lines are worn off the road way. Bike lanes will be repainted with a bicycle and a diamond - the diamond is the symbol accepted in Canada to signify that only the modes of transport listed are allowed to travel in the lane.