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Asbestos Waste

Asbestos is found in a magnitude of materials, especially in buildings built prior to 1990. Asbestos was used as insulation, a fire retardant, and can be found in materials like old drywall mud, ceiling tiles, and siding, to name a few. Although asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral, when disturbed it poses serious threat to human health when it becomes airborne. 

renovations and demolitions

Before starting renovations or demolitions be sure to have your work area assessed by professionals. Asbestos isn't harmful when undisturbed, but putting a sledge hammer through the wall, or removing insulation makes asbestos airborne. Airborne asbestos can have serious long-term negative impacts on your health.

The Whitehorse Waste Management Facility requires at minimum 24 hours notice before disposal. Asbestos items must be bagged and sealed before transporting to the Waste Management Facility for burial.

For more information on asbestos read:

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Yukon Government's regulation on A
sbestos Disposal

Government of Canada's Health Risks of Asbestos

Contact Yukon Worker's Compensation Health and Safety Board for questions on safe asbestos handling - or 867-667-5450

To make an appointment to dispose of asbestos at the Whitehorse Waste Management Facility call 668-1621 (see below for more details)

asbestos disposal

Material Requirements Services Good to know
  • Asbestos
Must be separated from regular waste.

When mixed with regular waste, could trigger unsorted waste charges at the Waste Management Facility.
Energy North Construction Inc. & Winmar offer asbestos abatement services.

By appointment only, can be dropped off at the Waste Management Facility. Asbestos manifests are required and tipping fees apply.
You must call the gatehouse at 668-1621 to make an appointment to drop off asbestos (minimum 24 hours notice required).

Asbestos must be bagged and sealed before entering the Waste Management Facility.

Asbestos manifests can be picked up at Yukon Renewable Resources (Burns Road) or at the Whitehorse Waste Management Facility gatehouse.

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