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Whitehorse has a thriving reuse community. Internet, radio, newspapers, garage sales, and gear swaps are a few of the ways the community is creating reuse opportunities. Reuse gives new life and homes to items, sparks creativity and is an essential part of getting us to zero waste.

Reuse in Whitehorse

There are many options in Whitehorse to post and acquire reusable items that are in good condition, but before discussing the options let's talk about Reuse Etiquette.

  • Check with organizations to ensure your items are accepted at their facility.
    Contact organizations before making the trek to save yourself a headache, time and fuel.

  • Make sure that your reuse items are in good working condition.
    Gently worn items and treasures you don't have the space or need for are great reusable items. Items in need of repairs (ripped clothes, broken electronics, etc.) are not so great and should be disposed of appropriately.

    Check the What Goes Where tool for more information on appropriate disposal of items.

  • Discarding items after hours outside of organizations is not appropriate.
    Unless the organization has an allocated collection container, items placed on the ground tend to create a mess while encouraging others to add to the pile. This may damage items, create a hazard, and burdens the organization with the task of cleaning it up.

  • Keep spaces organized when searching for reusable treasures.
    Treasures are best found when items aren't all in a pile. When looking through items try to keep things in the order you found them.

reuse options in whitehorse

Check out the Waste Sorting App or use the handy Zero Waste Yukon Whitehorse Reuse Guide. Print copies are available free of charge at Raven Recycling or may be downloaded here:

Whitehorse Reuse Guide - Click to Download

ZW Guide image

reuse roundtable

On May 11, 2016 the City hosted the first ever reuse roundtable. The visioning session was to host a community-wide conversation on what residents and key stakeholders want the future of reuse to look like.

Reuse Roundtable Summary Report

Reuse Roundtable Facilitator Notes

Reuse Roundtable Online Survey Report

Waste Sorting App

Sorting your waste is easy with our What Goes Where app. Type the name of an item into the search bar and we will give you recycling, composting, or disposal options.

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