Goals and Strategies

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Goals and Strategies

The Whitehorse Sustainability Plan is embodied in a set of 12 goals that describe what the community wants to achieve in the long term. The goals are relevant to everyone, and we all have a role to play in achieving them.

The goals are described in the following pages. Each section contains:
  • A goal description
  • Rationale - why the goal is important
  • Summary of the City’s jurisdiction
  • Progress to 2015, describing general accomplishments 
  • The plan approach, describing 
    • Specific strategies that the City anticipates implementing to support the goal; and 
    • Ambitious but achievable targets for 2020, 2030, and 2050.
The strategies were developed by City staff, using public and stakeholder ideas and best practices as a starting point. The goals and strategies were then reviewed by stakeholders and the public. An appendix contains a list of potential actions that were generated by staff and the public.

The goals are closely intertwined with many linkages and overlaps. Any project, program, or initiative can potentially support several goals. Conflicts may also occur; resolving them will require creative solutions that engage all affected parties.

Like any organization, the City has limited influence. For each goal, the City has certain legal and effective jurisdiction. Jurisdictional limitations mean that the City cannot achieve these goals on its own, and must work with other organizations and governments to see progress.

This plan is comprehensive and broad; the strategies and actions touch all aspects of the community where we live, work, and play.

Prioritization will be necessary as the City develops its long term financial plan, annual budgets, and staff work plans. The City has limited resources to accomplish the strategies. While it may not be possible to implement each action, this plan will inspire the City, its partners, and community members to continue to strive towards a sustainable community and incorporate sustainability more fully into community. 

Download a pdf of all 12 goals or click on the links below.