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Fire and Protective Services is comprised of both career and volunteer firefighters.

The department break down is as follows:

  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Chief Training Officer
  • 2 Fire Prevention Officer
  • 4 Platoon Chiefs 
  • 4 Fire Captains
  • 16 Career Firefighters
  • 4 Career Fire Dispatchers 
  • 4 Casual Fire Dispatchers 
  • Approximately 8 Volunteer Firefighters

The department operates out of two fire halls. Fire Hall #1 is located at Black Street and Fire Hall #2 is located at Two Mile Hill and Range Road.

  • Fire Hall #1 is equipped with one 1500 GPM SMEAL Pumper Apparatus and one Spare pumper with Rescue equipment.
  • Fire Hall #2 is equipped with one 1500 GPM SMEAL Pumper Apparatus, One 1250 GPM 75Ft Aerial Ladder Apparatus, one Rescue Utility Vehicle, one 1500 Gallon Tanker and various patten Command Vehicles.

Fire Halls are staffed 24 hrs/day on a rotational shift pattern by a normal complement of five members on duty, three in one hall and two in the other, with volunteers providing backup for all responses.

Whitehorse Fire and Protective Services responds to approximately 700 to 800 incidents per year.