Emergency Preparedness

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Whitehorse Alert

If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you.

Whitehorse Alert is our free, emergency mass notification system. It’s designed to quickly communicate time-sensitive information about events like fires, evacuation orders, road transportation emergencies or earthquakes.

When you register for Whitehorse Alert, you choose the best way to reach you when seconds count. That could be by text message, on your cell or home phone, or email. Read the Terms of Use.

Once registered for this service, it is important that you keep your account information up to date to ensure you receive all alerts that may affect you. This system is only as effective as the information entered.

Click on the image below to register today! If you would like more information or require assistance with creating an account, please email us at whitehorsealert@whitehorse.ca.

If you're visiting Whitehorse, you can sign up to receive emergency broadcast alerts for seven days by simply texting the keyword whitehorsealert to 67283.

Please read our important safety documents:

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Community Assembly Maps
Public Safety Protection Plan
Emergency Management Plan
Emergency Communications Public Handbook
Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy
Hazardous Identification and Risk Analysis