Fire Safety Plan

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As the owner or manager of a building, you are responsible for the safety of the people who live or work there. Fire protection begins with good planning. A properly developed Fire Safety Plan protects building occupants, reduces damage, and prevents emergencies. It helps building occupants gain familiarity with emergency procedures.

The following template can be used to create a Fire Safety Plan. The National Fire Code of Canada (Division B Part 2.8) requires the implementation of a Fire Safety Plan in all buildings. The implementation of a Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective use of life safety features in a building to protect people from fire. The required Fire Safety Plan should be designed to suit the resources of each individual building or complex of buildings. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the information contained within the Fire Safety Plan is accurate, complete and reviewed annually.

Safety Plan
Fire Safety Plan Template

Should you have any questions or concerns in meeting compliance requirements, contact the Fire Prevention Officer at 867-668-8685.