Zone 3: Neighbourhoods and Greenbelt

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30-100 metres

Zone 3 refers to areas 30-100 metres from homes, typically greenbelts and forested areas, but also on large acreages. Work in this area is similar to Zone 2, but often requires community collaboration and can be funded by the Government of Yukon.


As in Zone 2, clear deadfall and flammable ground debris, thin trees to a 3 metre spacing, and remove limbs within 2 metres of the ground. As with Zone 2, slope affects your home’s risk; if your house is on a slope, more spacing or a larger thinned area might be required.


Clearly mark your address and clear your driveway of vegetation to give emergency vehicles easy access. In the event of a fire on your property, prompt suppression will reduce the risk of fire spreading to the forest.

FireSmart Neighbourhoods

The Government of Yukon provides funding to communities to undertake FireSmart activities on public land. Community organizations, municipalities, and First Nations can submit applications annually, and are responsible to implement the project with Yukon government guidance.

Fuel abatement at the neighbourhood level is an important piece of the wildfire protection puzzle. It’s also a way for communities to work together to protect their neighbourhoods in Zone 3 (30-100 metre) areas.