Arkell Subdivision - 94 & 96 Sandpiper Drive

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Single Family Residential Development Lots on Sandpiper Drive

#94 and #96 Sandpiper Drive

Lottery Results

The City held the Arkell Residential Land Lottery for the Sandpiper lots on February 12, 2020.  There were 22 applications for the two available Residential Single Detached zoned lots. Lottery results are as follows:

Lottery Winners



 94 Sandpiper Drive (Lot 210)  Edwin Woloshyn
 96 Sandpiper Drive (Lot 211)  Ryan McLaren


Standby List



 Standby #1  Ben Gilbert
 Standby #2  Wing Chan
 Standby #3  Toby Davignon


Lottery winners are required to provide a further $5,000.00 deposit payable to the City of Whitehorse (options for payment are bank draft, certified cheque or money order) and an executed Land Sale Agreement by 4:30 p.m. on February 19, 2020.  Failure to do so by this deadline will result in the $1,000.00 Administration Fee being forfeited to the City and the awarded lot being offered to those individuals on the Standby List.

The Standby List will be maintained until such time as deposits and Land Sale Agreements have been received for all lots in the lottery.

Individuals who were not successful in the lottery may obtain a refund of their $1,000.00 Administration Fee starting Monday, February 17, 2020 at City Hall, 2121 – 2nd Avenue.  Individuates who have filled out the Credit Card Refund Authorization Form, their refunds are in process.

Lots for Sale

The City is holding the Arkell Neighbourhood, Single Family Residential Land Lottery on February 12, 2020.

Lot Plan
(m ±)
(SF ±)
Lot Price
#94 Sandpiper Drive (SOLD)
210 2018-0023 663 m2 7136 $127,300.00 +GST
#96 Sandpiper Drive (SOLD) 211 2018-0023 718 m2 7728 $137,900.00+GST

Lottery Packages:

Lottery Packages are available online on our Bonfire e-bidding platform located at  This secure system is free to subscribers.

The Site:
The City is selling Lots 210 and 211 (#94 and #96 Sandpiper Drive), as shown on the linked Registered Plan of Subdivision 2018-0023 comprising approximately 663 m2 and 718 m2 in area, located in the Arkell Neighborhood.

Registered Subdivision Plan: (click image to download)

Lot Profile and Zoning Information(click image to enlarge) 

 Lot Profile

Land Disposition Policy:

This lottery process is being conducted pursuant to the City’s Land Disposition Policy that was adopted by Council in 2017.

This lottery is intended for individuals to buy lots.  Applications from businesses and companies will not be accepted.

Successful purchasers from any City lottery completed within the last 2 years are not eligible for this lottery.

Only one application per individual will be accepted.  Individuals must be 19 years or older and have been a Yukon resident for at least six months to enter the lottery.  Residency will be demonstrated by possession of a valid Yukon General Identification Card or a Yukon Driver’s Licence. 

Residential Single Detached (RS):
Lots 210 and 211 are zoned Residential Single Detached (RS) pursuant to the City’s Zoning Bylaw 2012-20.  In this zone, all uses require a Development Permit from the City to ensure the proposed development will comply with the zoning regulations. 

Zoning Highlights:
  • Front yard 6m, rear yard 3m, and side yard 3m on one side and 1.5m on the other side
  • Maximum Zoning Height: 10m
  • Garden or Living Suite potential, secondary to the principal dwelling
  • Mobile Home potential with a Conditional Use Council approval process


A 100mm sanitary sewer utility connection and a 25mm waterline & 20mm re-circulation line has been installed to property line as per the servicing card information. Power and telecommunication cable are available within the adjacent City boulevard. 

For information about the Lots and the lottery process, please email