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What We Heard and How We Considered Your Input - This document contains all the input submitted. It allows participants to see their input and understand why or why not the planning team incorporated that input into the draft plan. All input will remain anonymous.

Background Report - The revised background report is now available. The report was updated in June, 2016. Key topics in the report include:

  • planning context
  • engagement process and key input so far
  • heritage, ecological and recreational overview
  • key planning considerations
  • maps

Heritage Resources Overview Assessment - The City commissioned Ecofor Consulting to conduct a heritage assessment to gather high-level information about the park area. A public version of the report (without maps or site-specific heritage information) is now available. 

Park Designation
Chadburn Lake Park is one of five park areas that were designated by the City's 2010 Official Community Plan (OCP) to preserve their significant ecological, recreational, and/or cultural values. Together, these five parks cover roughly 30% of the total municipal area.

Regional Parks Plan
In 2014, City Council adopted the Regional Parks Plan to set a 10-year vision and planning framework for the park system. Chadburn Lake Park is the first park for which the City is developing a park-specific management plan. The Plan identifies four overarching goals for the parks, which are to:

  • Promote environmental health
  • Promote outdoor recreation for human health and wellness
  • Support community stewardship, education, and partnerships
  • Improve accountability, planning, and management

Management Plan 
The Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan will build on these established park goals, and will set a decision-making framework to assess new and evolving land uses and activities within the park. The Management Plan will identify implementation items that help to achieve park goals and identify partnerships to make them happen. Consultation events will serve to engage Whitehorse residents, recreational groups, societies, associations, businesses, First Nations and other government agencies during the course of the planning process.

Chadburn Lake Park Reserve
Prior to being designated as a park by the City, the Chadburn Lake Area was protected as Chadburn Lake Park Reserve (by Yukon Goverment Order In Council 1970/304). The reserve was a smaller area (3,890 hectares) south of Riverdale. The Park Reserve OIC was repealed by Yukon Government following the City's designation of Chadburn Lake Park.

Additional information about the park is available on our Chadburn Lake Park Information Page.