Building Inspections

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Building Inspections

Public Safety Bulletin - February 2018

Potential fire danger associated with faulty chimney installations


We conduct building inspections to maintain the safety and standards of buildings within Whitehorse. Building Inspectors ensure that all projects are completed in accordance with the City's Building & Plumbing Bylaw 99-50, Zoning Bylaw 2012-20 and the National Building, Plumbing & Fire Codes. 

As you move through the steps of your own project, and before you can occupy a newly constructed building, you will need to complete the necessary inspections.

Permits are required if you are planning to build, renovate, or change the use of a building or property. Land & Building Services is responsible for issuing Building Permits as well as permits for the demolition of buildings, and the installation of heating, ventilation and plumbing services.

To get a permit processed and approved, you’ll need to show compliance with the regulations and bylaws specific to your project, submit your building permit application and have your construction plans reviewed by the Building Inspector.

Applications are accepted at the Land & Building Services Department located at 6-151 Industrial Road. When applying for these permits, ensure that sufficient information is provided in order to show that the proposed work will conform to the City of Whitehorse Bylaws and the National Building Code. Plans are required to be drawn to scale and must indicate the nature of the work in sufficient detail so that it can be determined that the proposed work will conform to bylaws and the NBC. Additional pamphlets are available to assist you in making application for your specific project.