2010 OCP Review

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The current OCP was adopted in October 2010, following a review process that began with internal analysis in 2008, and the first public meetings in early 2009. The Association of Yukon Communities awarded the 2010 Yukon Sustainable Community Award to the City of Whitehorse in recognition of this rigorous OCP Review Process. The award is given annually to recognize leadership in sustainable community development.

OCP Review Phase 1: "Idea Gathering"

The OCP Review kicked off with several workshops in each of the City's neighbourhoods. The workshops were well attended and we received a huge amount of public input on how their neighbourhoods should grow and change. We also held individual meetings with the various stakeholder groups in the City. Phase 1 culminated in an Open House whereby City staff presented the neighbourhood maps developed by the residents. In total over 300 people attended the Phase 1 meetings! 

All ideas for changes to the 2002 OCP that were given at neighbourhood workshops and stakeholder interviews were compiled into a master list. Download the List of OCP-level new ideas. This list was used to generate the list of planning issues that was tackled in Phase 2.

Also as part of Phase 1, in February 2009 we held several individual meetings with various stakeholder groups. A broad spectrum of interests were represented, including: youth advocacy; disability advocacy; environmental conservation; business and commerce; art, heritage and culture; and recreation. Download the full list of stakeholder groups.

Neighbourhood Workshops

In the right-hand column are base maps that were used at the neighbourhood workshops in January and February 2009. These maps show the current (2002) land use designations overlain on a 2006 aerial image. In the middle column are maps that show the input gathered from residents at each workshop. The final column contains additional resident input that was gathered on each map.

The purpose of these maps is to gather input for the new Official Community Plan (OCP). These maps only represent the input we heard, and do not value one piece of input more highly than any other. They do not represent a future plan, and are intended for discussion purposes only. All maps are PDF format and range from 1 to 3 megabytes in size. 

Neighbourhood Map - shows all input from residents  
Base Map - 2002 OCP Designations overlaid on 2006  aerial photo Additional map input 
Arkell, Copper Ridge, Logan Neighbourhood Map                       Base Map  Additional map input 
Cowley Creek, Fox Haven, Mary Lake, Pineridge, Spruce Hill, Wolf Creek, Whitehorse Copper Neighbourhood Map  Base Map  Additional map input 
 Crestview Neighbourhood Map  Base Map   Additional map input
 Downtown Residents  Neighbourhood Map  Base Map Additional Map Input
 Granger  Neighbourhood Map  Base Map Additional Map Input
 Hidden Valley, MacPherson, Forestview  Neighbourhood Map Base Map  Additional Map Input
 Hillcrest  Neighbourhood Map  Base Map Additional Map Input
 Kopper King, Raven's Ridge  Neighbourhood Map  Base Map Additional Map Input
 Lobird, McLean Lake, Squatters' Row, Canyon Cres.  Neighbourhood Map   Base Map Additional Map Input
 Mountainview Place, Mountain Air, Northlands, Takhini Mobile Home Park  Neighbourhood Map  Base Map Additional Map Input
 Old Town  Neighbourhood Map    Base Map Additional Map Input
 Porter Creek  Neighbourhood Map    Base Map Additional Map Input
 Riverdale  Neighbourhood Map    Base Map Additional Map Input
 Takhini  Neighbourhood Map    Base Map Additional Map Input
 Valleyview  Neighbourhood Map    Base Map Additional Map Input

Copies of the presentations given at the neighbourhood workshops are also available:


Urban Residential Workshops 

Country Residential Workshops 


The presentations were modified slightly from these versions for each workshop to include neighbourhood-specific mapping.

2010 OCP Review: Phase 2: "Getting Answers to the Big Issues"

We kicked off Phase 2 with an online questionnaire that asked residents land-use planning related questions on such topics as downtown building heights, residential neighbourhood density, building incentives, highway development and backyard agriculture. In total we had over 290 responses! Download the Questionnaire Results.

Next, we held a workshop in April to determine the biggest planning issues affecting our City. Download the full list of questions. Then, in April 2009 we took the top 10 biggest issues determined from that workshop and held three very successful planning events called "Community Cafes". Approximately 75 people participated! Results are here:

1. Downtown Height  Image   Text 

2. Park Reserve Designated Areas  Image   Text 

3. Urban Residential Development Image  Text 

4. Country Residential Development   Image Text 

5. Industrial Development   Image   Text 

6. Highway Development Text 

7. Agriculture Text 

8. Outdoor Recreation Areas Text 

9. Architectural Design Regulations Text 

10. Referendum Requirement Text 

Complete Community Cafe Input Chart Text 

The final event of Phase Two was a May 2009 Open House that presented the Community Cafe results at an Open House held at the Old Firehall. Approximately 30 people filled out comment forms providing input on the topics and the results. Click to download the comment form results

2010 OCP Review: Phase Three: "Building The Plan"

The final Phase of the OCP review took place from fall 2009 to fall 2010. City staff worked together with the public and Council to create draft versions of the new OCP.


  • Oct 2009: Staff analysis of Public input from Phases 1 and 2
  • Nov 2009 to Jan 2010: Open workshops with Council to discuss potential changes for Draft One of 2010 OCP
  • February 10, 2010: Draft One 2010 OCP released to the public. 58 main changes were proposed from the 2002 OCP. 
  • 2010 OCP - Draft 1 - Text only. Each policy change proposed in Draft 1 is coloured grey, and is cross-referenced to the 2002 OCP and the Explanation of Proposed Changes. Policies that remained unchanged since the 2002 OCP were not highlighted.
  • All 2010 OCP Draft One Maps
  • April 1, 2010: End of public comment period on 2010 OCP Draft One. 250 submissions were received from the public, stakeholders and Governments. 473 different individuals submitted their input. Download the Explanation of Proposed Changes
  • May 17 2010: OCP Draft Two released. Download 2010 OCP - Draft 2. Download the Explanation of Changes from Draft One to Draft Two
  • May 25 2010: Council gave First Reading to the OCP Adoption Bylaw.
  • June 28 2010: Council held a Public Hearing to hear input on the OCP. 30 people made comments, and 45 written submissions were received in advance. 
  • Aug 2, 2010: Administration presented the Public Hearing Report to Council
  • Aug 9, 2010: Council gave Second Reading to the OCP Adoption Bylaw. OCP was delivered the next day to the Minister of Community Services for a legislatively-required examination of the review process.
  • September 30, 2010: The Minister of Community Services advised the City that no significant concerns were raised during his review of the OCP process.
  • October 12, 2010: City Council gave Second and Third Reading to the OCP Adoption Bylaw, thereby repealing the 2002 OCP and adopting the 2010 OCP.