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Find the answers to the following questions HERE

  • Where did these Parks come from?
  • Why and how were these Parks selected?
  • What do these Parks contain?
  • Why call them Regional Parks?
  • Why are these Regional Parks important?
  • These Parks are in the 2010 OCP; why do we need another plan?
  • What has City Council committed to?
Planning Approach
  • What type of planning approach are you proposing?
  • Why aren’t you developing five park-specific management plans?
  • Are there examples of park systems plans?
  • Will the public be involved?
  • What types of questions will this process address?
  • When will the Regional Parks Plan be completed?
Direction from the 2010 OCP
  • What is an OCP?
  • What does OCP designation of these Regional Parks mean?
  • What do these Park boundaries mean?
  • What does the term ‘park’ mean?
  • Why not halt other Municipal activities occurring in these park areas until the Parks Plan is completed?
  • What about the Yukon River Corridor Plan (1999)?
  • Why did the map boundaries for Chadburn Lake Park change in the 2013 reprinting of the 2010 OCP?
Land Ownership
  • Who owns and administers the land in these park areas?
  • How are First Nations Involved?
  • Will there be private land in these Parks?
  • What about the Chadburn Lake Park Reserve?
City Roles
  • Which Departments at the City are involved? Who is leading this project?
  • What happened to the Parks and Protected Areas Bylaw Re-write?
  • What about ongoing trail planning in Regional Park areas?
Mineral Claims
  • What about active claims in these park areas?
  • Isn’t there a 5-year withdrawal from staking prohibition in the Municipality?
  • Is there a court case against the City involving mineral exploration in the Wolf Creek Park area?
Future Park Use
  • Will the Regional Parks Plan change how I currently recreate in these park areas?
  • Will scientific and educational endeavours be permitted?
  • Can development occur within the Regional Parks?
  • The OCP identified Environmentally Sensitive Areas, many within Park boundaries. What does that mean for potential future park-related development?
  • Can I camp in Regional Parks?
  • Is sport fishing, hunting, and trapping permitted in Regional Parks?
  • Are shared-use trails allowed in these Parks?