Whitehorse 2040 - Official Community Plan Review

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We are in the midst of reviewing our Official Community Plan (OCP) - called Whitehorse 2040. The OCP is the City's highest level planning document, setting overall direction for the community over the next 20 years.

Phase 2 of the review has completed. Phase 3 includes the release of the emerging policy ideas for input, before we use this feedback to help shape the draft plan for Council’s consideration in 2022.

Emerging Directions

The objective of this document is to seek community feedback on the major policy moves being considered for the next OCP. Based on community feedback on this Emerging Directions document, the City will begin drafting the next OCP which will be put for further public input and consideration by City Council in 2022.

View the Emerging Directions for the Official Community Plan

View the Phase 3 What We Heard report

What are the Emerging Directions?

The emerging directions were shaped by the community input we heard through Phase 1 and Phase 2 engagement as well as City-wide objectives from the Sustainability Plan, Transportation Demand Management Plan, Commercial and Industrial Lands Study and other City plans and strategies.

The Emerging Directions are a precursor to the draft OCP and include the following seven key themes:

  • Toward Reconciliation;
  • Climate Action;
  • Conservation of Natural Areas;
  • Strong Downtown and Liveable Neighbourhoods;
  • Toward a Sustainable Mode Share;
  • Targeting the Right Supply of Housing; and
  • Intensifying Employment Areas.

Accommodating future residential demand in Whitehorse

With help from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, this background report is the first step in understanding how many new homes will be needed in Whitehorse based on population projections to 2040.

This paper studies the options for meeting this expected housing demand over the next 20 years.

View the background report on Accommodating Future Residential Demand in Whitehorse.

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