Holiday Waste Reduction Tips

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Holiday Waste Reduction - Christmas 2020

Holiday Collection Date Changes 

Attention Residents:

NO organicS collection date change!

Organics collection is unaffected by stat holidays.

NO garbage collection date change!

Garbage collection is unaffected by stat holidays.

carts to the curb for 7 am

Please have your respective garbage or compost cart out by 7am on your collection day to ensure pickup.


Most holiday waste comes from the gift wrap. Most typical gift wrap is not recyclable because of lamination, dyes, glues, glitter, plastics and more. This holiday season try an alternative wrap. Here are some ideas:

recyclable paper

Have newspaper around? What about old maps or calendars? These can all be colourful sources of large sheets that can be repurposed into gift wrap. It is recyclable and can save you money if you don't need to purchase!

Reusable bags

Gift bags can come in a variety of types: paper, fabric, tote, shopping, etc. You can try making your own, or re-gifting one you have already received. Save up any gift bags given to you for use in the future.

get creative

Have fun with gift wrapping this season. Know somebody who loves gardening? Try wrapping their gift in a clay pot (topped with the watering dish) and tying a ribbon around it to hold. 

Have a baker in the family? How about wrapping the gift in a reusable tea towel? Check out furoshiki, a Japanese art using fabric, folds and a knot.

Green Gift Ideas

Tis the season for love, laughter, family and friends. This holiday season, create lasting stories, not waste. Here are some gift ideas to get your creative thinking going:

make your own

Get creative and/or crafty this season! When it comes to making your own, the options are endless! Here are a few ideas:

Emergency Kits - A dog first aid kit or earthquake kit or even a winter driving kit all make for suitable gifts in Whitehorse! 

Memory Books - Share those special moments with a special someone this holiday season!

Edible Gifts - Excellent zero waste option and it can even be healthy! Done any canning this season? Or made a wicked granola? 


There is no shortage of experiences here.You can be sure to find an experience for everyone that will create stories to share for years to come.

From dog sledding to glass blowing, gardening classes to cooking classes, live music to film festivals, even northern lights to winter camping expeditions;options are endless when it comes to gifting an experience!

second-hand gifts

Read a good book lately that you know a friend will love? Pass it on this holiday season! Any athletes on your list? What about checking out the local sport consignment shop for their equipment needs? 

Tips to Reduce Waste

Holidays are great but between the wrapping, the partying, the food and decorations, there can be a lot of waste created. Help Whitehorse reduce landfilled waste by using these tips!

give your green cart the gift of food waste

Food! Holidays are full of social gatherings where there is plenty of food! This holiday season, try to minimize the amount of food wasted by planning your grocery lists, using up all the food (leftovers anyone?) and sending any remaining food waste to the green cart;

Sending your food waste to the Compost Facility is a great way to reduce our impact on the environment while creating a great local soil amendment for use in our gardens!

recycle old or broken christmas lights

String lights and extension cords, broken or working, can be recycled at Raven Recycling.

party waste reduction tips

Buy in bulk. Reduce the amount of packaging by refilling a growler, or buy bulk snacks rather than boxes of snacks. 

Use reusable tableware.

Set out a composting and recycling station.

Christmas Tree Collection

SUnday, january 9

Please have your tree lying out at the curb by 7 am on Sunday, January 9. Trees will be collected over the following two-week period.