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The City of Whitehorse has demobilized its Emergency Operations Centre, located at the Public Safety Building, following a gradual decline in water levels on the Yukon River.

City of Whitehorse officials activated the Emergency Operations Centre in early July, and worked closely with the Government of Yukon, as well as the Yukon Energy Corporation to closely monitor rising water levels. Some protective measures have already been removed, while others will remain in place for the time being.

As always, residents and visitors to Whitehorse are asked to be vigilant when venturing close to any waterways, and to sign up for Whitehorse Alert in the event of an emergency.



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Are you experiencing flooding? Follow these steps to reduce the risk of flooding and damage to your property:

  • Attempt to identify where the water is coming from and isolate it, if possible;
  • Contact your utilities service provider to turn off electricity if water levels reach any electrical sources;
  • Remove any hazardous chemical that may spill into the water;
  • Use sump pumps or shop vacs to remove water from basements;
  • Hire a local contractor to help pump water from basement or open a plugged septic line;
  • Call your insurance provider as soon as possible to report any property damage caused by flooding;
  • Take photos of flood-related damage, and keep receipts from emergency repairs and clean up;
  • If your septic system backs up, then avoid using any household items with drainage, such as toilets, showers, sinks, dishwashers, etc., until blockage has been removed;
  • If the flooding is a result of a privately owned blocked drain, leaking or poorly sealed foundation, or poor lot drainage on your property, then you are responsible for the cost of repairs and any subsequent damage caused by the flooding; and
  • If you believe the flooding is the result of a failed component of City infrastructure (domestic water supply, sanitary sewage or storm water systems), then contact the City at one of the following numbers and a representative will gladly help.
    • Water and Waste Services - 668-8350;
    • City trouble line - 667-2111;
    • 2021 flood information line - 393-8444 (recorded message only providing flood updates).

Continue monitoring the Yukon Government’s Emergencies and safety page for any potential assistance programs for residents affected by the Yukon flood event.